Current COVID-19 informations

All our ski- and snowboard-lessons start only from 24th february 2021

it doesn´t take long anymore that we can start the season 2020/21. Because the season is already a challenge in advance, we would like to bring you up to date. We as Skischule Aktiv Niederau give our best to enable you an enjoyable and save holiday. Of course, we will responsibly implement all the required guidelines concerning COVID-19. Gladly we are going to receive your bookings and reservations, so that you get a place in your favourite course/ private - lesson. Privat lessons were always the most effective way of learning and improve skiing. Especially in these particular times, the private lesson offers itself well, because the ski instructor is only there for you.

Get -5% early bird discount when you book before 30. November 2020 with cash payment. 
Of course, you do not have to make advance payments this year, nor are none cancellation fees.


Questions & answers

Is there a child care in the Dragonshouse?
Our Akti-Dragonshouse for the child care from the age of 1-5 years remains closed this season.

Can I give my child to lunchbreak care?
From this point of view, we can´t offer our lunchbreak care. If something will change, we will offer the lunchtime care on site. On request please ask us in the ski school office.

How do I behave in the ski school office?
There are maximum one family or 2 adults in the office allowed. Our office workers are protected by a glass separation. Hand disinfection is mandatory when entering the ski school office. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please do not enter the ski school office.

What should I do when I don´t feel well?
If you show any signs of illness, we ask you to stay away from the class and call us at telephone numbers 0043-5339-2701 or 0043-6601721999 to get us informed. Should symptoms occur during class, we ask you to inform your ski instructor immediately.

How do I behave on the meeting place?
In general, the minimum distance of one meter also applies at the meeting place. As it could happen that this will get shortened briefly, we ask you to wear mouth and nose protection here too. Our prevention concept provides that we keep the length of stay at the assembly point as short as possible. Therefore, we will set up our groups as quickly as possible on the allocation days. Please be at the meeting place punctually on the first day. On the meeting place, the groups will have their own meeting point for the remaining course days, which will remain the same throughout the week.

How do I behave in the kindergarten?
Basically, the minimum distance of one meter and the wearing of mouth and nose protection is also compulsory in the children's area. In Austria, children under the age of six are relieved of the mandatory use of masks for educational reasons.

Will the children´s final race take place?
Our children's final race will take place on Thursday as usual. What is new, is that we will give ourselves more time to carry this out. Basically, the spacing rules and the general rules of conduct have top priority.

What about lifts and gondolas?
It is mandatory to wear a face mask in all gondolas, chair lifts, waiting areas and ski buses. Gondolas and lifts may no longer be completely filled.

What about the safety of employees?
Our employees are our capital. The prevention and behaviour rules mentioned, serve on the one hand to protect our guests but also to protect our employees. In addition to good accommodation options for our employees, we also ensure good working conditions through the measures. In addition, all employees of the Ski School Aktiv Niederau, regularly take part in COVID-19 tests.